Premium DNS Hosting

When typing in a domain name into a web browser, traditional DNS works by translating that domain name into the IP address where that website can be found. The computer is connected with the web host and the web site can be viewed once this IP address is located. The DNS record is located on a DNS server found in one location. For example, if you're located in the United Kingdom, but your visitor is located in the United States, it can take some time for that DNS server and your visitor's computer to communicate with each other. This can slow down how fast a web page loads. Our Anycast DNS resolves this issue. Instead of just one DNS location, Anycast DNS copies your DNS record on our network of global servers. This means that your DNS record is much closer to your visitors and Anycast can direct visitors to a DNS server located more closely to them.
Unlike traditional two name server hosting, Viridio has built a Anycast DNS service to help in website performance. With our Anycast DNS PoPs located across continents, it ensures your web site will be faster for your customers no matter where they are. By hosting your DNS with  Viridio, you eliminate distance for DNS lookups for your website and therefore see faster page load times.
  • Within our user-friendly interface, you can add, edit, and remove multiple record types as the needs of your business change. Supported record types include A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, CAA, HTTPS, SVCB and ALIAS/ANAME.
  • Low 60 minute record updating (TTL) across all DNS POPs by default. User adjustable zone TTL from 1 minute up to a week.
  • Any DNS record changes are propagated instantly to all DNS PoPs (currently Sun City, California, New York and London)
  • Redundant DNS using Anycast network routing
  • Dual-Stack Native IPv4 and IPv6 DNS support
  • Domain does not need to be registered with Viridio
  • Unlimited DNS queries
  • Net-Zero DNS hosting, we carbon offset all DNS query traffic based on Sustainable Web Designs' emissions calculator.
  • CNAME flattening, or ANAME/ALIAS record support (CNAME records on the root/naked part of your domain)
Premium DNS only Hosting
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