Green  Email Only Hosting


Enterprise Hosted Mailboxes that allow you to communicate easily with your clients both at your desktop and on the go.
  • Enterprise Mailboxes
  • Powerful Groupware Webmail
  • Spam Free
  • Task, Calendar, Notes & Contact Syncing
Unlike traditional email services which is usually supported by advertising, email tracking, sold data analytics, and user tracking; our email hosting is an ad-free and tracking-free service designed for any size business as well as high-use individuals who wish to set-up a more robust email service. In addition to providing users with comprehensive support, our email hosting also features increased insight and capabilities without the privacy issues. Stop wasting time deleting pages of spam from your Inbox and sign up with us today.
  • Green Email hosting for your domain name (domain registration extra)
  • FREE Advanced Spam And Virus filtering
  • 10 GB of included email space for your email accounts
  • Unlimited Email & Email Alias/Forwarding Accounts
  • Premium Groupware Web based email including syncing for Contacts, Email, Notes and Calendars across devices
  • Optional catch-all email account
  • SSL (Secure/Encrypted) easy to use Webmail
  • Vacation message support
  • External Email Warning message option
  • POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP4, IMAP4-SSL, SMTP, SMTP-SSL, SMTP-TLS, CalDAV/iCal, & CardDAV Email protocol support
  • Private -  We don't sell ads so we wont look at or share your data.
  • Attachment max size of 50MB for inbound, 75MB for outbound.
Ordering couldn't be simpler. Just click on the order button below and fill out the short order form. You will receive an email with setup instructions within a few minutes.
* Yearly subscription.  Regularly $5.00/month

Virus protection

We have two different anti-virus programs scanning incoming email for spam emails and 0-day malware. It also is scanning for linux, mac, windows, MS Word, and android viruses with over 11 million signatures. Out of the box ClamAV that most hosting companies use, does not protect from 0-day/MS word malware and on average only has 5 million signatures. The Official Clamav signatures used by most have a detection rate of less than 10% for 0-day malware.

Custom filtering

Our custom spam filtering control panel allows you to whitelist, blacklist, disable spam filtering, change the filtering level, and more. Plus you can see every email that was accepted or rejected (see why it was rejected) and resend them to your inbox if needed.

Its built with two different anti-virus programs scanning incoming email and uses dozens of filters with over 20 different checks. These checks include DNSBLs, keyword scanning, header checking, brute force blocking, URLBLs, SpamAssassin, an advanced heuristic anti-spam scanner, SPF, DKIM, Greylisting, BATV, connection checking, remote SMTP server profiling, and many others.

We also have a custom made advanced Image and PDF OCR (Optical character recognition/Automated Text Extraction) software to look for spam in images and PDFs attached to inbound spam emails.

Making sure legitimate email gets through

Our Trusted Email Replies feature ensures you don't miss an important email. Any email you reply to or send out is marked as trusted. This feature then disables spam filtering for the marked emails thus preventing any blocking of any subsequent incoming emails.

Respect for privacy and data 

The company belongs to its founders and its employees. Here, your data is processed by software developed to make sure that it complies with the GDPR and California laws to respect your privacy, and for PCI DSS compliance.  We have full control over our services and data center from end to end to ensure data security and confidentiality, with all data stored locally in our own data center (for our USA data center) where we have control over it. Since we don't sell ads and believe privacy is number one, we make sure your data remains private.

Advanced groupware webmail

A Premium webmail and mobile experience with support for OpenPGP and sharing/syncing of your calendars and contacts.