Environmental Mission


The Viridio Mission

Viridio's mission is to be all about people and the planet, all while being the most reliable and responsible green web hosting company. We have made a strong commitment to help fight pollution and preserving our natural resources. Going green is more than a buzzword for Viridio, which from our inception in 1997 has espoused eco-friendly operations including using onsite solar power starting in 2004. Other companies are buying carbon offsets to ease their environmental conscience, but carbon offsets aren't the only part of the equation for Viridio. By owning and operating our own green data center that is powered by onsite solar panels, we are the only hosting company going beyond just energy credits to power your green web hosting.

Viridio has been a trusted name in environmentally friendly green web hosting since 1997 and hosts all kinds of websites from small simple sites to large data intensive websites for the movie industry. Our staff members continually strive to provide you with a level of service that is unmatched in the web hosting industry. We try to treat every client like they are our only client.

Viridio recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains life on earth for future generations and helps humanity to attain the dream of a healthy and happy life. Viridio is committed to achieving this goal by seeking to combine ongoing innovation in technology with environmentally sound business practices. Viridio aims for greater eco-efficiency in its technology activities through maximizing the efficiency of energy and resource use, reusing existing elements and providing products and services with greater added value.

We are always looking for new initiatives to contribute to both lowering carbon emissions and actively work to improve the environment locally and globally, beyond simply negating our business footprint. Viridio will strive its efforts by focusing on reducing harmful effects on the environment by taking what nature gives us and using it. Viridio is dedicated to principles of social justice. We strive to support efforts to decrease or eliminating inequity; to promote inclusiveness and diversity; and establish environments that are supportive of all people. Happy employees streamline operations and make for happy customers, as we are a Living Wage and Equal Opportunity EmployerViridio will partner with companies that help to advance social and economic justice, and environmental advocacy. Steps will also be taken to find solutions to issues through innovative ideas to protect the environment and people, while providing the best green hosting services possible.

As a California Public Benefit Corporation, environmental justice, social inclusivity, and economic equity are at the core of our founding principles. We are guided by our mission of spreading the environmental and social benefits of our solar powered hosting to everyone, everywhere. As an Viridio customer your money goes towards supporting our initiatives, goals and projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals were created to address the global challenges we face and aim to achieve a healthier, fairer, more sustainable future for us all. Each goal relates to specific areas such as poverty, education, gender equality, climate action and more. You can learn about all of the goals at the UN’s website here. Our clients operate in a range of industries which means we are able to contribute to many of the goals. Via our core services we are working towards these goals…

Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

  • Cool our data center using closed loop systems to prevent massive water cooling use (300,000+ gallons of fresh water per day to cool a mid sized data center with google data centers using millions of gallons of water per day) that most other data centers utilize.
  • Promote reducing and banning plastic use to prevent plastic water pollution.
  • Promote, support and provide information about plastic pollution.
  • Raise awareness of water pollution caused by plastic, chemical and other hazards that pollute water for both humans and wildlife. 
  • Raise awareness of how much fresh water normal data centers use, just to save money on power. This is often overlooked and the goal is usually to just save energy or switch to renewable energy, but not reduce or remove the fresh water requirement for cooling.
  • Donate funds to projects that clean up water for both humans, the environment and animals.

Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

  • Power our website and our clients web sites with renewable energy.
  • Divert websites from hosting powered by fossil fuels.
  • Promote, support and provide information about an Internet powered by renewables.
  • Raise awareness of air pollution caused by Internet services powered by fossil fuels.
  • Build energy efficient websites and employ non-wasteful activities online as well as promoting both of these to our wider networks.
  • Use renewable energy to power our employees' homes.
  • Use renewable energy supplied directly to the data center rather than the grid to contribute to lower fossil fuel use.

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption & Production

  • Employ an ethical policy which means that we will not profit from or provide services to companies whose products or services exploit people, animals or the planet.
  • Communicate responsible consumption and non-wasteful use of online, digital services. The Internet is extremely resource hungry (using energy, materials for hardware and data centers, transportation, land etc), yet often not considered.
  • Create energy efficient websites and support our hosting clients to do the same.
  • Do not buy many physical goods or travel often.
  • Choose telephone or video meetings over travel and face to face meetings.
  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Seek out suppliers with positive ethical credentials.

Goal 13 - Climate Action

  • Research technology and services that builds knowledge and capacity into our company to reduce climate change and supports the integration of climate change measures into policies and planning.
  • Provide services that work to reduce climate change risks, opportunities and impacts.
  • Commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and value chain.
  • Cooperative planning for climate disasters and informing and support of government action on climate change.

Goal 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

  • Supply website hosting, web development and web support services to clients aligned to the SDGs.
  • Collaborate with other organizations with the same aims to make positive change for both people and the planet.
  • Promote businesses (either clients or non-clients) aligned to the SDGs via our social channels.
  • Continue to network online with like-minded businesses and organizations.
  • We continually assess and review our work in-line with these goals.
Greenhouse gases are still rising and climate change is occurring at rates much higher than anticipated just a few years ago. The rise in emissions makes a warming trajectory of 1.5 - 2 degrees – the stated goal of the UN – increasingly difficult  to realize and emphasizes why we must act to reduce our emissions now. Ultimately, human behavior's have caused climate change and its only by changing human behavior that we’re going to solve the problem. The are lots of simple actions that are easy to implement and effective, especially if we all adopt them, including reducing car use, reducing food waste, eating more plant based food, and getting involved in groups to integrate climate change majors in to national policy. And one of the easiest things you can do to help, is to move and host your website with us.
Updated on 3/28/2023