Web Hosting Essential Features included FREE

FREE Essential Features

A lot of web hosting companies make their strategy to make money from you by up charging you for features you should be getting included free. We include many features that should be included in your web hosting plan to make your website fast, stable, and secure.
Website Migration
Full Backups Twice Per Day for 30 days
Web App Auto Installer
Unlimited Email Aliases
Website & Database Restores
LetsEncrypt, SSL & HTTP/2
PHP 4.4 - 8.1
Premium Groupware Email & Webmail
All PHP Versions Security Patched
No Overselling Hosting
Web App Firewall (WAF)
User Level Virtualization
Intrusion/Brute Force Blocking
File & Database Malware Cleaning
Malware Prevention/Blocking
Premium Spam & Virus Filtering
SVN, Subversion, Git, & Drush


At Viridio, we believe in offering the best technology and security to our clients without charging them extra. With each and every shared account you will get:

  • Anycast DNS hosting with multiple DNS servers located across continents which provides DNS lookups to the nearest local server of your website users, and therefore see faster web site load times. Current DNS server locations are in CA, NY and UK.
  • Enterprise only hardware, with Samsung Data Center Solid State Drives (SSD) for storage accessed via a redundant 10Gb storage network.
  • Storage is local to the hosting server for high speed local disk access which allows more speed compared to other hosting companies.
  • The latest in processors, we use fast Intel Dual Multi-Core Processors.
  • Each hosting server OS is optimized for fast PHP loading times using CRIU and LSAPI instead of suPHP, for almost instant PHP request loading.
  • Our network features multiple bandwidth providers with BGP latency/loss route optimization that automatically selects the best direction for your website traffic from our servers to your end users, including routing around Internet blackouts.


It's not enough to be fast, your site needs to always be online. We’ve got you covered, with technology that makes sure your site stays up:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Anycast DNS hosting with multiple DNS servers located across continents, allowing multiple DNS server failures while keeping DNS lookups for your domain name online.
  • All accounts include multiple daily backups of your site, databases and email with 30 day retention, free of charge. Plus we don't charge for any amount of restores, you can restore your files or databases right from your control panel.
  • DNS and Email services run on different servers then your website (unlike cPanel), so if either the DNS, Email or Website services have an issue or needs maintenance/downtime for software updates, it will not effect the other services.
  • All of our servers contain Full Restore Backups to prevent complete server loss.
  • Our entire shared hosting environment uses only enterprise class server hardware with A & B power and network connections.
  • Each server power supply is connected to a separate power ATS (automatic transfer switch) PDU which then connects to two different UPSs, thus each server is connected more then 2 different UPSs, to prevent any downtime due to UPS issues or failures.
  • All shared hosting servers are in a multi-physical server clustered configuration including hard drives striped across servers. If there is a physical server failure, the shared hosting server will restart on another physical node in seconds.
  • 24x7 monitoring with automated detection systems that without human intervention makes sure all servers and services are always up and running.
  • With our No-Overselling guarantee, we make sure not to load up as many sites as possible. Each server only runs at 50-70% capacity.
  • Each hosting account has virtualized server resources, so that any one account cannot bring down the entire server or cause issues for all other customers on the server.


Viridio wants to make sure don't have to worry about your web site security.

  • Each hosting account is a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, preventing accounts from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information. This also prevents a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.
  • All PHP versions are security patched against all known vulnerabilities, even though they may not be PHP community supported any longer, even 4.4
  • All servers have a kernel-level technology that prevents all known symbolic link (symlink) attacks. It enhances the security level of the servers even further and prevents malicious users from creating symbolic link files.
  • Each hosting account includes protection via a Self-learning Web Application Firewall (WAF), Brute force/Intrusion Blocking, User/IP Reputation Blocking with Captcha Vetting, Web App Sandboxing to stop malware injections, hacking and defacement attacks, file level & database level malware scanning/cleaning and more, included FREE. No need to pay for SiteLock or Sucuri, or install plugins like WordFence, we take care of it for you, server side.
  • Each hosting account can be accessed via FTP, FTP SSL, SFTP, SSH and a secure web based SSL protected file manager.
  • Our custom built control panel allows us to run our servers without cPanel. If your website account gets compromised, the attackers will not have access to your Email and SSL files, like they would with cPanel.
  • PCI DSS Requirement compliant hosting.
  • Two different anti-virus programs scanning incoming Email for 0-day malware, spam, linux, mac, windows, MS Word, and android viruses with over 11 million signatures. Out of the box ClamAV that most hosting companies use does not protect from 0-day/MS word malware and on average only has 5 million signatures. The Official ClamAV signatures used by most have a detection rate of less than 10% for 0-day malware.


All our shared hosting plans allow you to use software other hosting companies might limit:

  • MySQL 5.7 for improved MySQL performance
  • PHP 4.4 through 8.1 support allows you to run the newest web app or your older web app that cannot or has not been updated. No need to re-write scripts written for an older PHP version or worse, risk breaking your site. The version is user selectable per account. Even choose what PHP modules you want enabled/disabled.
  • Our custom built control panel allows us to run our servers without cPanel hogging resources and allows Email & DNS to be redundant from the website hosting servers.
  • Advanced support including Composer, ImageMagick, CURL, Git, SVN, Subversion, Drush and much more.
  • One-click application manager for installing, updating and managing all well known web applications such as Wordpress.
  • SSH command line accessible to make development and management of your hosting account simple.
  • Custom redundant advanced spam protection that uses dozens of filters with over 20 different checks that includes DNSBLs, keyword scanning, header checking, brute force blocking, URLBLs, SpamAssassin, an advanced AI anti-spam scanner, SPF, DKIM, Greylisting, BATV, connection checking, remote SMTP server profiling, and many others.
  • Trusted Email Replies ensures you don't miss an important email. It prevents spam filtering and blocking of any incoming email reply to an email you replied to or you sent out.
  • Our custom spam filtering control panel allows you to whitelist, blacklist, disable spam filtering, change the filtering level, and more. Plus you can see every Email that was accepted or rejected (and see why it was rejected) and resend them to your inbox if needed.
  • Custom built Anycast DNS system that supports record types A, ALIAS, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, CAA, HTTPS, and SVCB. By default we have a low 60 minute record updating (TTL) across all DNS POPs (currently 3 locations of CA, NY and UK) by default. And it is user adjustable from 1 minute up to a week. It is redundant using an Anycast network plus its Dual-Stack with Native IPv4 and IPv6.


You do not need to sacrifice top tier support for low prices. We want our customers to be successful on the web, so we go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.

At Viridio, we know that customer support is one of the most important aspects of hosting. Our support is US based and can be reached by Email, Phone and Live Chat. Plus we can connect to your computer to offer hands-on assistance if needed, which allows us to offer dedicated one-on-one sessions with our web hosting specialists to get the help you need.

We also stand by the quality of service and support, that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all new shared web hosting plans.

Our hand picked team of engineers and technicians don't know the words "can't be done", we empower our support staff so when you need support, you get a knowledgeable friendly person who can solve your issues as quickly as possible.