We are here to benefit the public and the environment

We are a Public Benefit Corporation

At Viridio, we’re concerned with more than profit alone. That’s why we’re a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). We’re committed to doing good for more than just our shareholders. Public benefit is in everything we do as an Ethical company. It’s how we treat each other, how we treat the planet, how we treat our customers, and how we make our community and the world a better place. We are registered as a California Public Benefit Corporation, meaning that we formed our company specifically to provide a benefit to the public in a responsible and sustainable manner, in addition to making a profit. As a California Public Benefit Corporation, environmental justice, social inclusivity, and economic equity are at the core of our founding principles. We are guided by our mission of spreading the environmental and social benefits of our solar powered hosting while being dedicated to People and Planet and then Profit. While the official description of the benefit we provide is “Helping people and the planet by providing reliable and responsible green web hosting.” we don’t stop there. We have many different ways we show our commitment to the public good. Find out all the ways we are working to help the environment on our environmental sustainability page as well as check our our company mission and its goals.

What makes a benefit corporation different?
Purpose:  It creates a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole.

Accountability:  It obligates itself to consider not just profits but also environmental and social factors in its actions and operations.

Transparency:  It reports annually on its operations including environmental and social performance using independent, third-party standards.

Our mission is to pay it forward and support a more equitable world.

As we grow, we want to award grants to our customers and also donate to organizations that are working to end systemic inequality and support protecting the environment. Our bank also uses our money to contribute to underserved communities and businesses, as well as expand financial access to women business owners who can’t access other fair or affordable credit.  We also want to extending the definition of “public benefit” to include non-humans by supporting animal rescue organizations.

Our operations reflect our values of being transparent.

We strive to be transparent in everything we do by operating with honesty and integrity to earn the trust of our customers, employees, and partners. We strive to make our terms of use and policies as clear as possible so there aren’t any surprises.
Our great company culture leads to happy employees, and happy employees lead to happy customers. Our human-centric approach treats everyone with respect and we strive to do things in an equitable way. As a public benefit corporation we have to release a yearly transparency report that shows our customers our goals and how we are trying to meet them.

We promote networking within the company and getting to know our fellow employees across teams. Everyone from senior leadership to the newest hire can connect easily and at any time. We offer a flexible schedules, holidays off, remote work, health insurance, competitive salaries, flexible time off, and the opportunity to tackle interesting challenges that have a positive impact. All while we are working on becoming a Living Wage Employer.
Ultimately, all of our actions as a public benefit corporation are an extension of our mission; to be ethical, to help any and all people have a better life, repairing nature and helping it thrive, and making the world a better place in the process.

What's more, we are committed to being a climate positive workforce and business. We plant trees, use local solar to get power for our data center on top of our onsite solar panels, and invest in certified carbon avoidance projects to ensure we prevent more carbon than we consume. We are also committed to "paying back" the carbon we have consumed since we were founded, so that we may truly become carbon negative. This payback is coming soon in forms of certified carbon storage projects.