Green Virtual Desktops

A Green Computing Platform To Help Your Business

A cost-effective, reliable, green alternative to PC based computing with our DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service). Deliver desktops from the cloud to any user, on any device, at any location. With DaaS services, you can deliver a near-native experience to employees and contractors from virtually anywhere in the world, without a VPN.
  • Pay only for the computing that you need
  • Enjoy state of the art security for your data
  • Slash energy usage and improve productivity
  • Don't need to worry about computers getting old or stolen
  • Scalable - Add or remove desktops as needed

Your desktop computers in the cloud

For years, businesses have been absorbing the cost of putting a PC on every desk, giving employees a machine with moving parts that can break and software that can be corrupted not to mention allowing each employee to act like their own administrator, downloading or installing things that can be very damaging to a business. Consequently, PCs are unreliable, difficult to secure, and expensive to maintain in a business environment.

Although the initial price of the PC remains low, Gartner estimates the average TCO "Total Cost of Ownership" at $4500.00 over a 3-4 year lifespan. Larger companies hire dedicated staff to deal with these problems, and the smaller ones outsource the computer support, but what does the small to medium business owner do?

These businesses cannot afford a large IT staff or expensive consultants to keep their systems working but they also cannot afford to have their computer systems fail. Caught between a rock and a hard place, many businesses just muddle through with substandard performance, inadequate security and the ongoing threat of a catastrophic loss of data from computer failure or ransomware.

There is a better way!

The day has finally come where you do not have to upgrade a computer and software all the time. We have a cloud based virtual desktop software platform that's running on trusted hardware and our Solar Powered Network to provide the world with computer desktops, anywhere, anytime.

"Scores of computers are stolen from at least 60 businesses in the complex. The machines contained sensitive legal documents, credit card numbers and the tax data of thousands of people, police said." Want this news headline to be your business? Prevent this from happening to you by purchasing a Virtual Desktop solution today.

Welcome to a world where work is not confined to a physical office or specific device. Our cloud-hosted virtual desktops give you the flexibility, security, and performance you need to scale your business and improve your team’s productivity, no matter where they are via browser, phone or thin client.
Virtual desktop Infrastructure
What kind of organizations can benefit from a Virtual Desktop solution?
Any business that needs wants to worry less about IT, is concerned about PC hardware costs and cares about the environment needs to move to our Green Computer Platform.
  • Managed Services makes it easy. We take care of all the work including updates, backups, software & support, while you focus on what you do best, your business.
  • Making the transition from Old World style IT to our VDI solutions will save you time and money as you deal with the normal business challenges.
  • With a Virtual Desktop Solution, corporate computer users, business travelers and home businesses, can get control over their computers and stop worrying about costly PC repairs and employee downtime. Access your desktop from anywhere.
Virtual Desktops
starting at $
A Setup Fee may be required

How does it work

Simply access your operating system and data housed in our solar powered data center remotely from a small terminal at your location. Organizations with branch offices, remote workers, or offsite facilities can be managed and their desktop environments standardized, where backups, upgrades, and complete maintenance is performed by us from our data center.

Complete desktop and laptop environments are encapsulated inside virtual machines and maintained in our data center where it is safe and secure. Moreover, if a terminal is stolen, there is no data stored on the stolen hardware, we just ship you a new one and you're up and running in no time, with no data loss.

With our VDI solution you Save Money, Save Time and Save Natural Resources
By selecting a our VDI solution, you will use significantly less energy, require less physical space and utilize equipment with a longer life span. It is a choice that is as good for the environment as it is for the bottom line because all of your applications and data are hosted in our solar powered facility.

Here is how it works
1. We virtualize your desktop(s) at the solar powered hosting facility by setting up the programs you use along with moving your data.
2. Physical stationary desktops are replaced by a secure, reliable hardware device that uses only minimal energy and air conditioning. Operating systems reside at our facility where we monitor, upgrade, install, protect and backup everything. You can also use your own devices as well.
3. We focus on providing you a desktop with your data so you can focus on growing your business.

It is our belief that most businesses couldn't care less about the latest operating system or hardware to run it. Who wants to know the ins and outs of computer software and hardware anyway? You don't have to know how to fix a transmission in order to drive a car.

What matters to you is your business and what matters to your business is your data. If your computer crashed right now and you lost that data, how would that affect you and your business? With our Virtual Desktop solution, you will never again have to worry about hardware maintenance or software upgrades.

By combining proven technology with an innovative system design, we can put an end to all of your PC worries and ensure that your business has the powerful computing solutions it needs to operate efficiently.

Secure Access Wherever You Are

Whether your team is working from home, on the go, or in the office, cloud-hosted virtual desktops provide secure and seamless access to business applications and data, anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, and your workspace is at your fingertips.

Scalable & Cost-Effective Solutions

Say goodbye to heavy upfront hardware costs. With our cloud-hosted virtual desktops, you can easily scale up or down based on your business needs, turning a hefty capital expense into a manageable operating expense.

High-Level Security & Compliance

Security is our top priority. Our virtual desktops come with robust built-in security features, including encryption, optional multi-factor authentication, and intrusion detection systems. Safeguard your data and meet compliance standards without the headaches.

IT Management Made Simple

We take the burden of IT management off your shoulders. Updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting? We’ve got it covered, letting you focus on what matters most – your business.

Enhance Efficiency & Collaboration

Our cloud-hosted virtual desktops simplify collaboration and streamline workflows. Your team can share, edit, and collaborate on documents in real-time, fostering a more efficient and cohesive work environment with our optional SolarOffice offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Is a cloud offering where a virtual desktop is delivered to an end user over the internet, often licensed with a per-user subscription. We take care of the backend management and infrastructure.
What are the advantages of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offers clear advantages over a traditional desktop model.
  • Deploying or decommissioning active end users is much faster and less expensive. The desktop is already configured, and simply needs to be connected to a new device. There is no need for individual PC setups.
  • Increased device flexibility. DaaS runs on a variety of operating systems and device types, which allows employers to offer a variety of devices to employees.
  • Enhanced Security. Data is stored in the data center with DaaS, so security risks are considerably lower. If a laptop or mobile device is stolen it can simply be disconnected from service without risk of a thief accessing sensitive data. Additionally, security patches and updates are much easier to install and manage in a DaaS environment because all the desktops can be updated simultaneously from a remote location.
  • Cost savings. The workstations needed to operate DaaS require far less computing power than a traditional machine—thus, they are less expensive.
  • Continue with premise-based software if you need. Not all companies are able to transition to a fully browser-based (or SaaS) model of doing business. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows you to continue using applications that you need to host and access from the desktop.
How does Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Work?
We hosts the infrastructure, network resources, and storage in the cloud and streams a virtual desktop to the user's device. Your users can access the desktop's data and applications.
What is the difference between DaaS and VDI?
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are often interchangeably used terms, but they are not the same. Traditional VDI environments present some hefty challenges. There are significant infrastructure costs, complex licensing requirements, and a high level of management expertise is required.

On the other hand DaaS requires virtually no upfront infrastructure costs, can be purchased in a simple subscription model, is often managed by a vendor, and offers an "anywhere" presence that VDI can't compete with.

DaaS will keep your organization more lean and focused with predictable costs.
Who should use Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?
DaaS is great for any organization that:
  • Uses applications or integrated tools that require a premise-style hosting of the apps
  • Wants to offer a solution for employees that is both flexible and secure
  • Has aging IT infrastructure or aging workstations and needs a modern solution and doesn't want to deal with buying new computers every few years
  • Doesn't want to worry about data loss or theft
  • Requires collaboration with other team members on documents that contain sensitive or confidential information
NOTE: This type of PC solution is NOT recommended for gaming. This is recommended for the light to medium CPU/Graphics intense applications, and does not support a CD-ROM/DVD drive or CD/DVD burning.