The WordPress hosting platform made for your website.



Looking for insane speed? You got it. Our optimization technologies can make WordPress load in about 1 second.
WordPress Optimized Hosting
Our WordPress hosting is bursting with awesome features that make running WordPress sites simple, secure and incredibly fast.
  • 15 GB Web Storage
  • 15 GB Email Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Website and Database
  • Staging Site Plugin Included
  • Email, Phone & Live Chat Support
  • Free Essential Features
  • Continuous Tree Planting 🌲
  • *3 Year Subscription
  • Regularly $19.99/month
Wordpress Migration
Already use WordPress? We'll migrate your site from or another host, free of charge. No hassle, no wasted time and no headaches.
Solar Powered & Green
Caring for our planet is deep rooted in our company, from our on-site solar panels to our tree planting for every hosting account. Click here to learn more.
Virtual Vulnerability Patching
We keep WordPress secure by automatically patching your installation with critical security fixes, server side, until you can get your WordPress install updated.
Bot Defense
WordPress sites are under constant attack from bad bots who blast your site with fake requests. Our dual firewalls keeps them at bay, keeping your site safe from website spam, brute forcing and hacks.
File & Database Malware Cleaning
If some how malware was to get into your site, we have file change scanning and we scan your website automatically once per week. If we find anything in the files or database, we clean it up automatically, free!
Backup & Restores
We automatically backup your website and database twice a day, and keep backups for 30 days. If ever you need to restore to an earlier point in time, its free!
WordPress Acceleration
Our Cache plugin for WordPress allows full site caching, providing insane speed with server-side page caching and a vast number of performance and optimization tools.
Free and Paid SSL options
Our SSL options allow you to choose to self install the free LetsEncrypt SSL which renews every 3 months.  Or choose to get the higher class 1 year renewal paid SSL certificate.
 SSH, Git & WP-CLI
For WordPress devs, SSH access, Git and WP-CLI are all included as standard, allowing you command line access to manage WordPress if you need it.


  • Fast server-side page caching, easily integrated via a simple WordPress plugin.
  • Simple to set up, works with most major plugins including WooCommerce, bbPress and more, via one click presets.
  • A vast suite of WordPress optimizations, including minification and merging of CSS/JS, automatic image optimization, ESI, VPI, HTTP/2 & HTTP/3 Support, automatic javascript deferral, DNS Preload and much more.
  • Free assistance with plugin installation and configuration to implement our optimization technologies on your website.
  • Servers run on NVMe drives making sure your site loads fast.
  • Secure Persistent Object Cache (Memcached) & PHP opcache.


The best account security around, included free. Our SOC level 2 full site security software makes sure your website is safe from any and all angles of attack; and our custom spam filtering solution makes sure your spam and virus free.
Full Account Isolation
Accounts are isolated with a virtual/caged file system that prevents privilege escalation, information disclosure attacks and attacks from other accounts.
No Noisy Neighbors
Each customer is allocated it's own resource pool, meaning other users can't cause downtime or slow performance for your website.
Full Site Security
Multiple layers of website protection featuring machine learning, scanning & collective intelligence to keep your site safe from malware, bots and hackers.
E-mail Protection
Our spam protection has checks that includes DNSBLs, two anti-virus scanners, keyword & header checking, URLBLs, SPF, DKIM, AI, and others.

Global Complete Site Caching

Contact us to Purchase our Complete Site Caching addon for a Wordpress hosting plan and get a CDN that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content.
Full Site CachingMost CDNs only deal with static content, but our CDN caches your whole site: images, CSS, JS, and the dynamic HTML page itself. By taking advantage of our Smart Purge technology, it accurately serves your most current content, and purges it when required.
Fast Loading.  Features less than 10ms average latency in North America and Europe,  serving your WordPress sites at the network edge with low TTFB. Plus support of HTTP/3 end to end, from client to backend server with a global POP (point of presence) network.
Everything is Included. All optimizations are included with the CDN including Images (LQIP), CSS (CCSS & UCSS), JS and more. Plus Wordpress Security protection via our server side full site protection, POP level WAF, DDoS mitigation and more.